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And now, a look at the Heat-Spurs Larry King style.


Guest Blog by Dave LaMont


You think LeBron and Wade were yelling at Mario Chalmers before…I wonder how much Rick Ross paid for that seat, or was it a gift…Spurs depth sure seems better than last year, doesn’t it…I can’t remember a bigger pair of hands than Kawhi Leonard’s other than Bob Big Hands Brobowski, who played at the Y in Brooklyn with me when we were kids…Spurs couldn’t have shot 19-21 in an empty gym, but they did last night…I think the Heat will right things for game 4, only because it’s been a few years since they had back to back playoff game losses…but if they don’t, scrub the Biscayne Blvd. parade route…Man, that Pop made a smart move starting Boris Diaw…

All right, enough of that. 

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