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Good Morning Vietnam Summer Rolls

Good Morning Vietnam Summer Rolls

These are super good for you and healthy and vegetarian and gluten free


Yield 8 summer rolls


½ cup each




Yellow squash

Pea tendrils

Sliced lengthwise sting beans



½ cup soy sauce

Fresh cilantro

Dash of fish sauce

3 tablespoons hosin sauce

1 teaspoon honey

Squeeze of lime


8 each rice paper 



1-  Dress the vegetables in the dressing mix

2-  Take rice paper, one by one and dip in cool water and place on cutting board

3-  Fill the rice paper and the 6 o clock area, and roll kind of like a burrito or a legal marijuana joint

4-  Make sure to roll nice and tight and then cut on an angle thru the middle.


Serve with dipping sauce of:

1 tablespoon fresh ginger

5 ozs soy sauce

1 tablespoon hosin sauce

1 tablespoon chopped ginger

Fresh cilantro

1 oz lime juice


Blend and serve... very delicious

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